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The Fellowship has disbanded. Steve and Jenessa drove the van toward the mists of Silver Spring while Emily drove Laurel and me home.

Final standings and a pic of our awesome "gold" third place trophy below (picture from team Lazlo's blog). Thanks to all who helped out on our adventure!

1. Bloodshot 30:46:00 (hours:min:sec)
2. Stillwater 32:27:00
3. The Fellowship of the Van 35:50:00
4. Enemies of the Common Good 36:45:00
5. A2 37:55:00
6. Team Lazlo 38:23:00
7. Lost in Place 39:11:00
8. The Millers


Bonus NOLA Day

Yesterday was our only real tourist day on this trip and luckily we were in New Orleans! We started out with the other Ravenchasers eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Then we wandered a little, spending a while in The Quarter Stitch. After lunch some of us continued to wander while others headed back to the hotel for a nap. We went on a great ghost tour of the French Quarter at 6. The tour has as much history as ghost stories which was much more interesting to me then people jumping out of doorways at us. We finished the evening with a tremendous dinner at K-Paul's. Emily chose it and we are so glad that she did. We should be off in about a half hour for the first of two long driving days. 10 hours to Knoxville tonight and then 8 back home on Monday.

Still can't believe we got third!!! (Granted it was partially because one of the teams dropped out at the last minute, but still third!) We have the tacky, gold-spray-painted sailing ship to prove it! This trip has been awesome! How will we spend 18 hours in the car without any clues to solve? How will we go back to our regular lives without having each other no more than 8 inches away?


At the final bar (not on Bourbon Street, thank god) and are celebrating appropriately. OMGYAY.

Day whatevertheheck: Savannah

It's gonna be hazy, hot and humid today. It was 90 degrees at 11 PM last night, so it can only go up.

Yesterday we were in Atlanta, and it was great fun. We rocked the first part of the race, and eventually got hung up on finding the durn 'nearby radioactive vessels.' Turns out there was a sheaf of clues in a newspaper box with a radioactive symbol on it. We spent a good hour and a half searching a plaza just across the street from the proper box, reread the clue and ran a block up to search newspaper boxes there, and never thought of going back to the other boxes. We ultimately called in and took an hour hit.

Spent some quality time chilling (quite literally, their air conditioner was turned down to 'arctic') in the Westin lobby while members of our team went up to the Sundial to look for the navy G. When we realized we couldn't crack clue #6 without the internet, we sent Steve for our laptops and mooched off the Westin free wireless. When we broke that, we checked out clue 12 - our 'car' clue, or the one that told us where to meet up in Savannah - and immediately called in to stop our time and take the 2 hour hit. We didn't get the answer, though, because we wanted to try to solve the thing while on the road.

After 3PM we were fancy free in Atlanta, and made a stop at the Varsity, the biggest drive-in in the country, I believe. All I can say is, they make a damn fine burger and shake. Once you are able to convey your order to the guy at the car window, anyway.

Back on the road in some rush hour traffic - my personal theory is that the highways around Atlanta were built in the shape of a demon sigil, thus sending out an aura of evil to envelop all drivers and make them insane - and blessedly brief torrential downpour. We all were very, very grateful not to be out running around in the rain.

Several hours out of Atlanta we were passed by a white van, which we deduced was the Bloodshot team traveling incognito. Even though they are subtle like spies, we figured out their sekrit code. (Photo to follow, to see if you too, dear reader, are up to the task!)

Anyway, we decided that rather than continue to solve the damn clue OR to call in and get the answer already, we would depend on the kindness of not-really-strangers. Jenessa, who was in the front passenger seat at the time, scribbled 'Where R we going?' with my phone number at the bottom. We caught back up to Bloodshot and she held the notepad in the window while Steve snapped a great photo of the driver, Chris (I think?), laughing at us while in the background someone was calling to tell us the answer.

This is how we discovered that the clue was a red herring and the *real* clue was the picture on the three little pieces of paper we'd collected over the course of the day. We were supposed to deduce that the stars around the edge of the paper were in the position of the numbers on a clock, and a random swirly line hit certain numbers in a certain order, thus making a number that, when you combined it with two swirly bits on the end of the line (which were, of course, zeros) you got a phone number.

We did not deduce that.

After much shaking of our puny fists, we spent an enjoyable time cackling about holding up a sign in our window. Because after nearly a week on the road, you get a little punchy.

Not twenty minutes later, Bloodshot called back to tell us team Enemies of the Common Good had blown a tire and pulled off the road. Our two teams pulled in to a service station off exit 143, reorganized our stuff so we could redistribute their five members plus two days worth of clothing between our 2 vehicles, then back on our way within 20 minutes. Awesome!

Now must go pack the car and run...


...or something.

DC WWII memorial DC WWII memorial
War mamorial War mamorial
Quality time in the van Quality time in the van
ETA by Emily: Yeah. I believe I mentioned something earlier about my inability not to make dumb faces in photos on this trip? Have some proof.
finding the brick finding the brick
One brick we need to find...among thousands!!! It was quite an adventure and stroke of genius that led to our success.



Today was one of our best days as a team. We flew through the first 8 or 9 clues only getting stuck trying to "examine nearby radioactive vessels". After over an hour on my hands and knees looking under every bench, overhang, and potted plant at the Sun Trust Bank Headquarters (the sun's atomic right?), we walk up the street and look for newspaper boxes with an atomic sticker. We don't find it and call in only to discover that we were right (about the newspaper box), but we were looking at the wrong group of boxes. Grrr. Otherwise things went pretty smoothly. We correctly decided that we couldn't solve the final clue (no one did) and gave up in order to enjoy a delicious (and stress free) dinner of burgers and onion rings at Varsity. The locations were great today. One of the clues led us to the revolving restaurant and observation deck at the top of the Westin. We spent a good chunk of the morning at the very nifty Olympic Park.

Currently we are doing laundry at midnight while Emily hangs out in a towel since the shower is occupied and *all* her clothes are dirty. I think we could basically all be naked and it wouldn't change the group dynamic at all. Steve is instructing Laurel on how to use a "flossing fork," I'm not sure why regular floss presents such a challenge?

90 degrees and really humid here tonight and it's midnight. We'll be bringing lots of water tomorrow. Can't wait to see Savannah!

ETA by Emily: Mom, in case you're reading, no, not every single article of clothing I have is dirty. I *did* manage to pack enough clothes for once in my life! (Esp. socks and underwear. I could hit another six states at least.) There was just a slight timing issue re: washers and showers that led to the Towel Incident. You can rest easy. :D


Jul. 18th, 2007

Day two of wireless internet at the hotel. The internet has not lost any of its charm, but the immediacy has retreated somewhat. Currently we are enraptured with the free laundry and Steve's flossing forks. Right now, three people are trying to pry it out of Laurel's mouth, where it's stuck. Pictures are being taken, oh yes.

Today was eventful, as I'm sure the rest of the Fellowship will tell you. There was emergency frappucinos (yes, we really are Those People), chili cheese dogs with extra onions, really tall elevators that I steadfastly refused to patronize, messages passed between vans via spiral notebook paper on I-16, a brief joining of the Fellowship of the Bloodshot Common Good due to the World's Original RV experiencing slight technical tire difficulties, a professional bonding moment between members of the Fellowship and Lost in Place, Scottish beer, spinach artichoke dip, and allegedly the Enemies are currently rockin' an open mic at tonight's pub. Alas, the allure of fluff 'n fold was too much for the Fellowship, and we are back in our suite.

Enjoy the evening!


Done for the day in Atlanta. Hitting the Varsity on our way out of town. Yay onion rings!